Shopping Guide

Thank you for visiting the Nativity Palace.

We offer a large variety of nativity sets, nativity scenes and individual mangar figurines.
You can find a wonderful nativity set in a very short period of time but also you can browse all of our individual nativity sets and enjoy the large variety the we offer and compose your own individual nativity set.
In any case, you will be amazed by the quality of the carvings and enjoy your original Alpine nativity set for many years to come.

  1. Nativity sets or customize you individual nativity scene
    The categories displayed on the left side let you choose between [Nativity sets already compiled by us]( or you can individually pick all the mangar figurines by clicking on the categories of the different manufacturers. In the categories of the manufacturers all nativity scene the workshop makes are displayed. You can pick the series you like best and determine which nativity figurines you would like to purchase. Also most nativity scenes are available in more than one size (scale) and with different finishes.
  2. Gardena Art Quality
    gardena-artGardena Art is a registered trademark of the woodcarvers located in South Tyrol / Val Gardena. Woodcarving tradition in South Tyrol has a heritage of several hundred years. The knowledge and skills of the woodcarvers are expressed in every piece that leaves a workshop. This wonderful heritage is protected by the Val Gardena certificate that only 100% original Gardena Art pieces receive.
  3. Manufacturers of the Nativity Palace

    All workshops we work together with are certified 100% Original Gardena Art workshops. Every workshop is known for exceptional quality and has its own unique designs and range of carvings.
  4. Size/Scale of netivity figurines and sets
    Nativity figurines have a certain size scale. The size scale is measured in cm. The size scale shown on the website is the actual size of a standing human being of this series. Most of nativtiy scenes have a standing Joseph figurine that has this actual size in cm. All other figurines are crafted according to this scale. Meaning that a sheep is much smaller although it has the size/scale of 10cm. A carved camel on the other hand with a size scale of 10cm is larger than 10cm. The scale ensures that the figurines all together create a 100% realistic scene. Also the stables are crafted with a certain scale.

  5. Finish/colour
    The nativity figurines are available with different finishes and colours. Most pictures of nativity scenes on the website show the multicolour finishes, but most series are available in several different finishes.

    The finish "natural" means that the the natural wood is without any finish as it comes out of the carvers hands. Multicolored mangar figurines are painted with oil colors by hand. Depending on the nativity set more or less intensive colors are used.

    Some nativity sets we offer are available with stained and multiple stained finishes. Stained figurines also receive are wax finish. and have a browner colour than regular natural wood figurines. Multiple staining creates several different brown shades.
    figur-natur-natural figur-gebeizt-stained figur-mehrfach-gebeizt-multiple-stained figur-lasiert-multicolor
  6. Nativity stables
    Our stables are also available with different sizes/scales. The scale is important to create a realistic impression when placed into the stable.

    On larger sets most customers prefert to have only a few figurines inside the stable and more figurines outside the stable in the surrounding area.
    If you plan to collect nativity figurines and get new items each year we recommend to rather get a larger stable from the start even if it might look a little "empty" in the beginning. A large nativity stable will look wonderful once you have collected a certain amount of figurines.
  7. Important, particularly for collectors
    Our different series have been crafted for a long period of time. Some scenes are made for over 40 years now. The figurines will also be available for many years to come for collectors. This is also important for customers who might need a replacement figurine in the future.