Return Policy

Return Policy / Revocation

  1. Customers that are consumers (non business customers) have the right to revoke their order and return all products (revocation) within two weeks starting from the day of receiving the delivery. If a customer wishes to return products he/she can contact (in writing) WIBROS through telefax, mail or email:

    Wibros GmbH
    Hauptstr. 17-19/Gebäude 6305
    55120 Mainz
    +49 (0) 6131 - 327 4445
    It is not necessary to name any reason for the revocation.
  2. Consequences of revocation
    Customers get full refund if the goods are returned in their original condition to the WIBROS service center in Germany (return address is printed on the invoice).
  3. Orders that are customized individually for a customer such as individual signs etc. can not be returned.

Note: Customers from outside the European Union are responsible for return shipping costs.