Our Manufacturer Workshops

All of our manufacturers reside in the breathtaking Val Gardena Valley in South Tyrol one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. The Gardena Valley lies in the Dolomite Alps and the unique Dolomite mountains are a beautiful world heritage site one „should have seen before one dies“.

The nativity figurines are designed by experienced artist. At first bronze models are cast. The bronze model is the basis for the wooden figurines that are crafted later on. At first the local woods are cut into pieces that have the approximate size of the figurines that are to be crafted. Then the basic figurine is crafted which later on will be handcrafted to ist perfection. After the carving work multicolored figurines are handpainted by skilled artist painters with oil colors. The very high portion of handwork makes every nativity figurine special and unique in a way.

Bernardi Woodart (Bewoart)

The carving company Bernardi Woodart consists of 3 workshops. Those 3 individual workshops have created the Bernardi Woodart brand Bewoart.
Bernardi Woodart offers one of the widest ranges of Nativity scenes and sets in the alps. Also Saints, crucifixes, wooden angels and carved animals are categories Bernardi has much competence in.

  • Bernardi Josef, Bejo
    The company of Josef Bernardi was founded in the 70s by Mr. Josef Bernardi. One of the main works of Josef Bernardi are the large Crucifixes that have been placed on top of Alpine mountains. Also Josef Bernardi has carved the large 2.4 meter (8 feet) Crucifix that is located in the Parish Church of Honolulu, Hawaii.
    It was also the same workshop that has also sculptured the famous Ulrich Madonna.
  • Bernardi Willi & Co. Snc
    Willi Bernardi has a large range of nativity figurines and sculptures. Also the company is famous for their individually carved wooden figurines. They have crafted models for large German Car companies for example. Love of detail and unique precious nativity figurines are what Willi Bernardi is famous for.
  • Bernardi Hermann Snc
    The sculptor workshop of Herrmann Bernardi has been establsihed in 1961. Since 1985 the company is lead by his sons Rainer and Dieter with great success. One of the most famous works of Herrmann Bernardi is the Rifos Nativity set which has had greatest success in the past with a large number of figurines to choose from and wonderfully detailed carvings and paintings.

Bernardi Woodart offers a wide range of Nativity Scene Sets and manger figurines in a lot of variations. A large variety of Nativity Stables completes the range of products. Besides that Bernardi Woodart offers a lot of religious woodcarvings like Madonnas, saints, crucifixes and angels. Their animal figurines are very popular, too.

Ulrich Perathoner

The family Perathoner has been living in the idyllic South Tyrolean mountains for many generations. The well-known wood artist and founder of the eponymous company “Ulrich Perathoner” , born in 1944, attended the art school in St. Ulrich and subsequently completed his artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

His great talent and skill in woodcarving, as well as his ingenuity and high artistic level justified the good name of the workshop Perathoner. By the years, his company has grown to become one of the leading international woodcarving workshops.

His son Daniel Perathoner, born in 1979, has a great artistic talent as well, and shares the passion for the traditional art of his native country. After having finished his apprenticeship in wood sculpture, he continued his formation as a "master student" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, which he left after having won the Leif Rumke prize.

Since 2003, Daniel Perathoner works together with his father in the family business in Val Gardena. All models of the “Ulrich Perathoner (UP) collection” are exclusively designed and hand carved by father and son Perathoner, creatively complementing and inspiring each other, and making every UP-Nativity figure a special one. Within their collection of Nativity scenes, there are both traditional and modern designs. All Nativity sets are of course available in different sizes and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Demi Art

The Demi Art company is based on the works of the sculptor Karl Demetz. Demi Art is a small workshop and crafts three different nativity sets. Demi Art is looking back upon almost 50 years of traditional woodcarvings.


LEPI has one oft he longest heritages of all the workshops in Val Gardena. It was founded in 1920 by Leo Prinoth Senior. Right from the beginning the Nativity carvings have been extremly popular. In the years to come Lepi created many more different nativity sets to meet the large demands. Some of the Lepi Nativity sets have up to 100 figurines which is paradise for collectors. Today the Lepi company is run by Leo Prinoth Junior. But already the next generation has been integrated into the company. His sons Alfred, Roland and Diego support Leo Prinoth in all parts of the company to keep the Lepi story of success going on. Highest quality and excellent quality control to meet the highest demands of customers world wide are ongoing goals of the Lepi woodcarving company.