Nativity Scene Sets

Nativity sets are a beautiful and meaningful way to decorate your home every Christmas. From large Nativity sets with many figurines spread across a table to a small set with just the Holy Family on a corner shelf, there’s a Nativity scene for every home.

Across the world Nativity sets are made from many materials, but wooden Nativity figurines are some of the most popular of all. Some of the most beautiful Nativity scenes are made in Val Gardena South Tyrol, a province in the Alps of northern Italy. Made from linden, pine, and other trees, Nativity sets are high quality Gardena Art – 100% made in Italy.

Carving Nativity sets from wood has been a traditional winter hobby in the South Tyrol region for generations, and the Nativity scenes made in Val Gardena South Tyrol are often considered some of the highest quality wooden Nativity figurines worldwide. From small figurines only 12 cm (just under 5 in.) tall, to sets of 25 cm (10 in.) or more, wooden Gardena Art – 100% made in Italy – comes in many sizes. Fortunately, people can choose from a wide variety of designs and sizes to best fit their homes and personalities.

Nativity scenes can also have vastly different appearances based on their color and designs. Some wooden Nativity sets made in Val Gardena South Tyrol are left with their natural wood coloring, while others may be darkened with finish or brown oils. However, most Nativity sets are hand painted, creating colorful Gardena Art – 100% made in Italy.

Different designs create even more variety than color differences. Traditional Nativity sets are carved with realistic faces, period clothing, and a rustic wooden nativity stable. While these are still the very popular, more modern Nativity scenes are also available. Contemporary wooden Nativity sets often have very vague features. Instead of well defined face with eyes, nose, mouth, and plenty of wrinkles, each figurine has a smooth face with vague curves for facial features.

Wooden Nativity sets made in Val Gardena South Tyrol, can be bought as a complete set, but many people enjoy building a Nativity scene a few pieces at a time. The collection begins with the Holy Family, just Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus. Then people can purchase the stable or crèche along with more wooden nativity figurines, such as wise men or magi, shepherds, sheep, and other animals.