Nativity from Italy

Christmas Is Never More Than a Year Away

Even though nativity scenes are more common during the months surrounding Christmas Day, you can easily keep them on your mantel or bookshelf throughout the year and move them into a more prominent position once the holiday season arrives. If your nativity set consists of attractive and detailed Italian woodcarvings, you might have difficulty packing them away when January comes. That's why it's important to remember that you can keep your nativity scenes around even when it isn't Christmas. It's a personal choice that is yours alone to make.

For Christians, nativity sets are a beautiful reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior. There is no better way to create meaningful nativity scenes than with intricate Italian woodcarvings, made in South Tyrol / Italian Alps, depicting the different people and animals that were present at the birth of Jesus. These Italian woodcarvings enable you to put together a scene that celebrates Our Lord.

These high quality wooden nativity figurines made in South Tyrol / Italian Alps enable you to create peaceful nativity scenes featuring Mary, Joseph, and infant Jesus in the manger. Finely detailed Italian woodcarvings help you build nativity sets that will bring joy to everyone who sees them.

No nativity scenes would be complete without Italian woodcarvings of the three wise men, visitors to the site of the birth, and the animals that were housed in the shelter where Jesus was born. Sheep, donkeys and oxen are common sights in nativity scenes along with shepherds and fishermen.

Nativity scenes look lovely underneath a Christmas tree, prominently displayed in a window, laid out on a table or covering a shelf. Wooden nativity figurines that are made in made in South Tyrol / Italian Alps are some of the most beautiful pieces that you can own. These Italian woodcarvings will really help you get into the spirit of the Christmas season and honor the true meaning of the holiday. There is no wrong way to display nativity scenes. If you take the time to choose the perfect spot, these Italian woodcarvings will be an excellent reminder of the day Jesus was born.